About Me

Hello my fellow tech junkies! I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for a while now and have accumulated a lot of tips and tricks to run my own business. I wanted to share these resources with other budding Virtual Assistants (VAs) and entrepreneurs as they begin their own journeys.

yearly planner with a pen tip

I’ve always had a yearning…

to teach in some capacity. When I was working in the Corporate world, I would always be the one that would offer to create process docs or tutorials for new hires to the team.  I enjoyed onboarding and giving orientation on how things work around the office, where to find things, how our servers were organized and where and department policies were.

A collector of sorts…

I have bookmarked hundreds of websites or tools that I have found useful over the years and was finding it hard to keep track of all the apps I found. Some tools I use extensively, some I’ve been meaning to revisit and some I had to let go. But, this blog is the culmination of resources I want to keep handy but that I would love to share.

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Hey there, I’m Sharon

(… thanks for clicking though to continue learning more.)

So, I have decided to help entrepreneurs, or those who struggle with making sense of technology or just to get started with technology without fear, but confidence and ease. I have learnt a ton working in the digital marketing and tech industry for 20+ years and now run my own successful online business as a Web Designer and Virtual Assistant.

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One day, I hope to visit


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Favourite dessert

Creme Brulee

Lighthouse at Point-au-Pere, Quebec

Can't resist visiting


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Favourite Beverage


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A Sport I wish I was better at


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A little obsessed with

Athleisure wear

Let me help you…

find the tech tools that will make your life easier. We all want to get more done in less time in today’s busy world but sometimes it is so very difficult to navigate through all of it.

My hope is that…

this blog will help point the way to the next step in your entrepreneurial journey, solve a business problem, or set the wheels in motion to make positive changes in your own life or business. If you do find a gem in here somewhere or have an A-HA moment, please do share with me! I’d love to know and connect with you.

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Sharon King, Digital Marketing Consultant